Homestead Park Village

Townhouse Apartments
for rent in Manchester, CT

At Homestead Park Village, a variety of excellent 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom townhouse apartments are for rent in CT at Damato Apartments. One-bedroom townhouse apartments have two floors and a single full bathroom. The two-bedroom townhouse apartments likewise have two floors and single or 1.5-bathroom configuratio

Layout & Rental Rates
1-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom Townhouse

Starting at $1,400.00 per month

2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom Townhouse

Starting at $1,450.00 per month

2-Bedroom, 1.5-Bathroom Townhouse

Starting at $1,600.00 per month

Points of Interest
near Homestead Park Village, Manchester CT

Homestead Park Village is one of the best Damato townhouse apartments for raising a family. Waddell Elementary School is minutes away, along with the local pool. A close proximity to Interstate 84 lets you easily slip into any of the nearby commuter towns to forge or continue a successful career.

  • Interstate 84: 7-minute drive (4 miles SW)
  • Waddell Elementary School: 2-minute drive (half-mile SW)
  • Waddell Pool: 2-minute drive (half-mile S)
  • Manchester Parkade Shopping Center: 2-minute drive (1-mile SW)
  • Manchester Hospital: 3-minute drive (1-mile SE)
  • Manchester Police Department: 3-minute drive (1-mile SE)
  • Hartford: 15-minute drive (8 miles SW)
  • Waterbury: 40-minute drive (38 miles SW)
  • Norwich: 45-minute drive (38 miles SW)
  • New Haven: 50-minute drive (45 miles SW)

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